The Medical Career Training Center "Taking care of all your health career exam preparation training needs!"
The Medical Career Training Center"Taking care of all your health career exam preparation training needs!"

Medical Assistant

Registration: $100


Tuition: $499.99


Supplies: $100


Testing Fees: $250


Payment Plan Option: **Add $200**


Class days:


(Lehigh) Monday's



(Lehigh) Tuesday's



(Port Charlotte)

Friday's 10am-1pm


Class Length:

8-10 weeks






Registration: $100


Tuition: $249.99


No payment plan available....


Testing Fees: 

(See Prometric for exact rates.)


Class Days:

(Lehigh) Thursday's



Class Length:

4 weeks




Registration: $100


Tuition: $200


Testing Fees: $200


Supplies: $100


Payment Plan Option:

**Add $200**


Class Length:

Self Paced



Frequently Asked Questions

All of our medical  training programs offered here are for exam preparation purposes only.  That means you will not recieve a diploma, degree or certificate from the school.  However, you will receive your licensure or certification from the organization that issued your state or national exam.


How does one become a medical assistant/phlebotomist?

There are three ways to become a medical assistant/phlebotomist:


1. You walk off the street and a physician hires you and gives you on the job training. (This is rare nowadays because most physicians require certification.)


2.  You go through a 1-2 year degree or diploma program which usually costs between $12,000 and $20,000.


3.  You go through a high quality, fast track, low cost preparation training like ours and challenge the national exam, receiving your certification after successfully passing the exam!


What is the difference between your cna program and a 120/hr cna training?


Our CNA program is designed to prepare you for the Florida Board Of Nursing State exam.  We will teach, demonstrate and explore all the clinical and written training skills you are required to know by Prometric the state of Florida's provider for CNA testing.  Upon passing your state exam you will become a certified nursing assistant in this state.


We do not offer the 120/hr CNA training which is required if you have taken and failed your state exam three times.


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